Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Most Loved: Leopard Loub Platform

I want to begin featuring a segment on my blog for my daily most "loved" item. Daily most loved or most lusted items could range from fashion items, beauty items, foodie treats, good books/magazines, etc. (I cheat, I do not like to limit myself, hehe). Let's see where the day takes us. Enjoy!

Most loved of the day (7/13/11): Christian Louboutin Leopard Platform Sandals. I am a self-admitted online shopping junkie. Well, to be truthful I am more of a dreamer. I spend my free time "ooohhh-ing" and "ahhhh-ing" over items/things I wish I could afford, but never actually purchase. Today I found myself drooling over this phenomenal pair of Loubs. What I wouldn't give to pair this fab red-backed shoe with a sassy black romper and artsy fedora. Add some oversized sunglasses and a wrist full of assorted bangles, a girl can only dream...

XOXO, Kara

My First LUSH Haul!

Hello blog-o-sphere! I made a trip to Lush last week and I wanted to give you a semi-short overview of the products I purchased! Some of the products that I purchased are personal favorites (which I have used in the past) while others are brand spanking new to me (yay!).

Old Favorites: Rockstar bar soap (pink soap), Sultana of Soap bar soap (creamy colored with bits and jibbles on top), Mint Julip lip scrub, MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, and BB Seaweed face mask.
New Purchases: Oatifix face mask, Honey I Washed the Kids bar soap (sample), Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, Heavanilli massage bar, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Happy Blooming bath melt, and Sunny Side bubble bar.

If you are new to the Lush brand I recommend visiting the website ( prior to making the trip to the store. On the website you can read about products and their functions. My first visit to Lush seemed super overwhelming because I did not know the difference between bubble bars, bath bombs, bath melts, etc (ahhh!).

For first time purchasers I recommend, with utter confidence/adoration, the MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt. This wonderfully delicious bath melt smells of cocoa butter and chamomile. After a bath with the product your skin feels ooey-gooey smooth, perfect for a pre-bedtime bath. The scent will linger leaving your sheets smelling AH-mazing the next day!

For summertime, I recommend the BB Seaweed face mask. This mask is infused with aloe vera and natural seaweed which is a perfect reliever to any sunburn pains. **Remember: fresh face masks are only good for about a month and must be kept cold.**

Finally, I have a slight OBSESSION with the Sultana of Soap. This soap is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Lush product!!! The scent of this creamy, luxurious bath soap rocks my world. The "bits and jibbles" on the top of the soap (made of dried cranberries and apricots) offer the slightest bit of exfolitation to the skin. The soap sits in my shower and leaves my bathroom smelling scrumpcious all day long.

All-in-all, Lush is one of my go-to, must-have brands because of its wide range of freshly-made products. Lush products are heavenly scented and leave your skin feeling like it just had a much-needed drink of water. Who needs to visit a professional, expensive spa trip when easy-to-use products are readily available at your nearby Lush store? Give yourself a glorious "spa day" with a fresh face mask application, followed by a warm/relaxing spruced-up bath, and topped off with a rub-down using a massage bar that wonderfully melts upon application. Your uber pricey spa days will be left in the dust, jealous of your newfound love!
This blog post has gotten way too long and I do not have time to review every product (maybe I need to start a VLOG channel instead of a blog :P If you have any questions or want any additional reviews of any of the products mentioned let me know!

As always XOXO, Kara

P.S. I did not get paid to endorse any of these products. All Lush products mentioned were purchased out of my own pocket. I realzie I mentioned a large amount of products...which seems a bit pricey/excessive. The nearest Lush store is about 40-45 minutes from my house, so whenever I get chance to visit I stock up on products. No worries, my next Lush splurge will be months away. Toodles.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hello blogging world! I have recently been inspired to create my own blog. On this personal blogsite you will see a variety of topics including but not limited to beauty reviews/tips, fashion advice, food discussion/recipes (YUM), book reviews, health/fitness (sparingly, hehe), and just some average jibber jabber. These posts will be a direct reflection of a day in the life of the 20-something year old me. I want this to be a postive place, so please be nice :-P (remember I am new to this type of cyber forum). Let's kick this thing off...

 XOXO, Kara